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The DP Conference Photo Album: The story of the images and the visualization of history

On the second day of the Conference "Approaching the Opus of Dimitris Papaioannou: from the intimate to the universal", the visual, spatial, and performative dimension of the work of Dimitris Papaioannou came into focus. In the morning session with Kostas Ioannidis as chair, Nina Pappa, Lili Pezanou, Paraskevi Tektonidou and Kalliopi Simou analyzed aspects of the performative element in the director’s work. Then George Sampatakakis moderated an interesting session with the participation of Dimitris Plantzos, Manos Lambrakis and Angeliki Kordellou, who discussed the relationship of Dimitris Papaioannou's work with history and the idea of Greekness through his collaboration with other creators, such as the acclaimed theatre director Lefteris Voyatzis, as well as the composer Giorgos Koumendakis.

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