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The research project ‘Genesis’: Genetic Research & Digital Visualization in the Performing Arts aims to conduct primary research in the domain of the performing arts, and more specifically in the genetic analysis of performance and the digital visualization of the creative process. Genetic analysis has to do with the study of all the stages of the creative process, from initial conception up to completion on stage. It focuses on the gradual realization of dramatic and scenic composition, on the creators’ elaboration of dramatic material, the identification and comprehension of the theoretical background of artistic thought and of artists’ sources and references, the study of the process of rehearsal, the training of actors, the management of space, stage, costumes, lighting, production, etc. The genetic approach of stage creation is nowadays considered a necessary presupposition for the scientific analysis and interpretation of a performance.

The project is based on the rich and complex work of two internationally acclaimed stage directors, Romeo Castellucci and Dimitris Papaioannou.

Project 'Genesis' includes the following stages:

  • Documentation of creative material: this stage includes exhaustive archival research and study of the primary creative material (such as drafts and successive editions of the dramatic work, directors’ notebooks on staging and choreography, and audiovisual material) in conjunction with other parameters (reception, critical-aesthetic evaluation, and revision or re-enactment of artistic work)

  • Casting, training, and rehearsals: this stage focuses on the close observation, recording, and study of the selection, didascalic and directorial methods, rehearsals, and the various versions of the final stage outcome

  • Digital visualisation of the above stages, aiming at wide dissemination of the acquired knowledge through the use of digital tools.

The project 'Genesis' is funded by the Hellenic Foundation for Research and Innovation [ELIDEK], within the framework of the call ‘Support of University Professors and Researchers’, and will last for four years, 2020-2024.

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