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The DP Conference Photo Album: Focusing on Stage Creations

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

The first day of the Conference "Approaching the Opus of Dimitris Papaioannou: from the intimate to the universal" started with an exploration of the stage approaches in the work of the artist. Under the chairmanship of Andreas Markantonatos, Matina Kaltaki, Katerina Arvaniti, Evi Prousali and George Rodosthenous analyzed Papaioannou’s early creations with special focus on Medea, Still Life and Inside, with references to their characteristic visual idioms. Chaired by Katia Savrami and with a focus on chorological approaches, Steriani Tsintziloni, Ioanna Tzartzani, Kaiti Diamantakou, Maro Stavrinou and Haritini Tsikoura studied the movement, the materials, the motif of love, the dialectical relationship with Martha Graham's Medea (1947) and the transfiguration of the archetypal form of Medea into a contemporary female identity and dance score, through Dimitris Papaioannou's stage creation of the same title.

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