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"We're waiting for id numbers from Paraskevoula!"

An impromptu snapshot during work hours at the archive of Romeo Castellucci and the Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio in Cesena contains so much, invisible at first glance: numbered performances, new paper tags, cut-and-paste, notes for an interview, a pair of scissors, a rubber band and a yellow post-it note in Greek "We're waiting for id numbers from Paraskevoula!". All the members of our team understand what this means. Paraskevi, who has been working tirelessly for this archive for many years now is the one who classifies and characterizes documents, handles the excel files, and who has logged countless entries in the catalogues and the database, so she is the one to provides us with the code and id numbers necessary for us to continue our archival tasks! To our beloved and irreplaceable #Paraskevi_Damala, who remains an unsung heroine, and a pillar οf our projects, an enormous thank you!

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