Primal Matter

Papaioannou_Primal _Matter_2013.jpg

by Dimitris Papaioannou

Premiere: 23.06.2012,  Athens Festival, Peiraios 260, Athens, Greece

Concept - Direction - Set, Costumes and Lighting Design: Dimitris Papaioannou.

Performers: Dimitris Papaioannou, Tadeu Liesenfeld (later replaced by) Michalis Theophanous

Sound design: Konstantinos Michopoulos; Assistant director & creative producer: Tina Papanikolaou; Rehearsal director: Pavlina Andriopoulou; Tour manager & international relations: Julian Mommert
Technical director: Giorgos Babanaras; Stage manager: Dinos Nikolaou; Lighting technician: Miltos Athanasiou; Assistant set designer: Dimitris Theodoropoulos; Set adaptation for the tour: Tina Tzoka; Props Construction: Lazaridis Scenic Studios; Costume Production: Islam Kazi; Creative Production Assistant - Communication: Kali Kavvatha.
The music theme of the performance is a "taxim" (improvisation) in bouzouki by Yiannis Papaioannou
Produced by the Athens Festival (2012) and 2WORKS (2013), with the support of the Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center — EMPAC (New York)
Tour produced by 2WORKS; Tour travel sponsor AEGEAN Airlines.